NJ_foundaway2The NJ Inyang Fund’s primary goal is supporting organizations in the social and humanitarian sphere. Our vision is to one day see a world where everybody’s basic human rights are respected and upheld. Some of the humanitarian causes dear and near to NJ Inyang are disaster relief, Education for all, Health care for all, etc.

Label owner. Lawyer. Singer. Philanthropist. NJ is a man with many talents and interests and one who makes an impact through all of his endeavors. He has always made it a point to take a proactive stance when it comes to social and humanitarian issues

NJ has recognized the need for immediate humanitarian relief and essential medical research to help with crises and newfound heath issues that arise every year in Nigeria. His past philanthropic efforts have earned him accolades within the music and nonprofit communities.
He also believes strongly that greater research can lead to healthier and longer lives. NJ hopes to use his global influence to raise money for organizations dealing with these issues and use funds raised from his own touring events, memorabilia auctions, special events, and partnerships with like-minded artists.
Through the NJ Inyang Fund, he will take issues into his own hands by directly supporting those affecting change when needs arise, in addition to hosting fundraising events and campaigns for specific charitable organizations throughout the year. For 2016, the primary focus of the NJ Inyang Fund will be to support orphans and human rights issues.